“The Climb”

Acrylic Ink on Spalted Maple
Approx. 15" wide

Featuring exquisite grain with a dramatic texture change, this small piece of spalted maple seemed to require only a light touch to highlight it's innate beauty. I had a lovely piece of text that fit quite nicely, but it seemed to overpower the wood, so I ended up using asemic marks in one vertical column and a black ink emphasis on the ragged edges. Boom. Done.

It reminds me of a climb – mountainous or otherwise: keep going, putting one foot in front of the other, and hopefully, enjoying the beauty along the path. 

Facing Wood

They are in the spare bedroom. I walk in and look at them, study them, see in them the passing of years and the effects of wind & rain – good years and bad years, markings of a life well lived, and also lovely random patterns which actually signify invasion by a foreigner – fungus. 

What marks can I add? What will honour them and all they stand for? It would be so easy to cheapen them, disregard them, treat them casually – as we often treat wood. But my challenge here is to treat them with the utmost respect, and add to their impressive natural beauty. It won't be easy. Their beauty challenges me, as an artist, to work with it, enhance it.  

They are spalted maple slabs from oneTree. If I manage to do them justice, they will be a part of the oneTree exhibition at the Robert Bateman Gallery. They are not easy to face.